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Meta-analysis exploring the effects of music training in cochlear impl…

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  • 최고관리자
  • 24-04-08
  • 2023



Background and Objectives

The present study aimed to explore meaningful change in the musical performance of cochlear implant (CI) users according to age after receiving music training compared to the other CI users who did not receive any music training and normal hearing (NH) listeners.

Materials and Methods

Article search was conducted from five journal databases. In accordance with PICOS criteria, 29 articles and 15 articles were included for the CI and NH groups, respectively. A total of 44 articles consisting of 407 CI users and 486 NH participants were then analyzed. Using the data gathered from pre- and post-training, meta-analysis was applied by the random-effects model, and then piecewise meta-regression was employed.


CI users with music training showed better performance than those without the training across all ages. The curve change in musical performance when training showed that the CI users was similar to the general pattern of NH performance, indicating that the CI users gained benefits from music training and developed perceptual ability, even though it was not as high as the level of NH counterparts.


This finding supports the benefits of active engagement with music for both CI users and NH listeners, while noting the important role of music as one of the primary aural rehabilitation approaches.


Ab Shukor, N. F., Seo, Y. J., & Han, W. (2023). Meta-analysis exploring the effects of music training in cochlear implant users by age. Journal of Audiology & Otology27(4), 193.