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Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Model of Healthcare…

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  • 최고관리자
  • 23-05-31
  • 2022



Due to a lack of knowledge about age-related hearing loss, its early identification and appropriate intervention are not being carried out in the field of dementia care. Since the untreated hearing loss of the elderly leads to a more rapid cognitive decline, the present study aimed to understand the hearing-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices of healthcare professionals in long-term care (LTC) facilities in Korea. A total of 557 workers (104 facility managers and 453 healthcare professionals) in residential LTC participated in this cross-sectional multicenter survey study. The Korean version of the knowledge, attitudes, and practice (KAP) on-line survey with a five-point scale or yes/no response was applied as the experimental tool. The results of structural equation modeling showed that knowledge significantly affected the attitudes and health-seeking practices of the facility manager, and allied healthcare professionals demonstrated similar results, which showed the significant effects of that knowledge on attitudes and health-seeking practices. This clearly indicated that sufficient knowledge is the driving force for the health-seeking practices and positive attitudes of both the facility manager and the healthcare professionals. Thus, we suggest that a further step, such as the development of comprehensive and professional guidelines regarding hearing care information for these professionals in residential LTC facilities, should be followed, and believe that this effort could lead to improving hearing-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices in order to clinically and politically care for the elderly population.


Kwak, C., Seo, Y. J., Park, K. H., & Han, W. (2022). Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Model of Healthcare Professionals on Hearing Loss at Elderly Dementia Residences in Korea. Healthcare, 10(5), 792.