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The Effect of Presence in Virtual Reality Video on Handwashing Intenti…

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  • 최고관리자
  • 23-05-31
  • 2020



Virtual reality technology has been positioned as a useful tool for the promotion of public health. This study explored how exposure to a virtual reality handwashing promotion video influences users’ handwashing intention. Structural equation modeling analysis with data collected from college students in South Korea revealed that presence in the virtual reality environment was positively correlated with flow. We also found that flow played an important role in increasing levels of message acceptance and fear responses related to the content of the handwashing promotion video. Moreover, the greater the level of message acceptance of the handwashing promotion content, the more favorable users’ attitude toward handwashing. This, in turn, helped facilitate handwashing intention. The findings of the current study further our understanding of the psychological mechanism driving the impact of virtual reality as a health promotion tool for fostering people’s intention to engage in preventive health behavior.


Choi, D. H., & Noh, G. Y. (2020). The effect of presence in virtual reality video on handwashing intention. Asian Journal of Communication, 30(3-4), 261-278.