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미세먼지에 대한 불확실성과 정보 추구의 관계: 부정적 감정의 매개 효과 중심

페이지 정보

  • 최고관리자
  • 23-05-31
  • 2020



This study examined the associations between uncertainty, negative affect, and information seeking intention. Most of risk literature assumes that individuals are clearly able to assess a risk, whereas this study shows the influence of risk uncertainty on cognitive processing and information seeking. Specifically, we investigated how uncertainty of threat toward particulate matter(PM) and efficacy of PM solutions are connected with three types of negative affect and intentions to seek various types of contents and sources regarding PM. A total of 1,500 registrars from a national survey company participated in this study. The results indicate that threat and efficacy uncertainties were negatively related with anxiety and sadness. In addition, anxiety and sadness were positively related with intentions to seek diverse types of PM sources and contents. Anxiety and sadness mediated the relationships between threat/efficacy uncertainty and multiple source/contentseeking. Those results from the specification of uncertainty, negative affect, and information seeking can contribute to developing information seeking and processing literature and creating strategies for providing PM information.


안지수, 노기영. (2020). 미세먼지에 대한 불확실성과 정보 추구의 관계: 부정적 감정의 매개 효과 중심. 한국방송학보, 34(3), 111-136.