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  • 42 게임 상호작용이 금연 시뮬레이션 사용자 경험과 흡연태도에 미치는 효과
  • 일시 2015. 06 학술지 한국컴퓨터게임학회지 28(2) 저자 김시성, 노기영
  • This study aimed to analyze how game interaction affects user experience and smoking attitudes of smoking simulation game.
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  • 41 가상현실 시뮬레이션 게임의 학습효과에 대한 실험연구
  • 일시 2015. 06 학술지 한국컴퓨터게임학회논문지 28(2) 저자 배재한, 노기영
  • This research examined the effects of learning on driving simulation game in virtual reality environment.
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  • 40 정서행동문제를 가진 학령기 아동을 위한 학교적응 프로그램 개발 및 평가
  • 일시 2015. 04 학술지 아동간호학회지 21(2) 저자 조해련, 김신정, 권명순,
  • he purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a school adaptation program (SAP) for school-age children with emotional and behavioral problems who attended public elementary schools.
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  • 39 게임콘텐츠의 시청행위와 게임행위의 사용자 경험과 뇌파반응특성
  • 일시 2015. 04 학술지 한국게임학회지 15(2) 저자 장한진, 김시성, 노기영
  • Presence, flow, and arousal are interesting user experiences provided by video and people’s demand for media which responds to personal interest is getting strong.
  • 최고관리자 11-03 191 댓글 0
  • 38 가상현실 환경에서 레이싱게임 사용자 경험에 대한 실험연구
  • 일시 2015. 03 학술지 한국게임학회지 28(1) 저자 박정민, 배재한, 노기영
  • The aim of this study is to verify the effects of user experiences such as present, flow and arousal between game play under 3D virtual environment(VE) and general video game play
  • 최고관리자 11-03 193 댓글 0
  • 37 Development of a School Adaptation Program for Elementary School Students with Hearing Impairment
  • 일시 2015. 03 학술지 Journal of audiology & otology 19(1) 저자 김신정, 권명순, 한우재
  • Although new technology of assistive listening device leads many hard of hearing children to be mainstreamed in public school programs, many clinicians and teachers still wonder whether the children are able to understand all instruction, access educational materials, and have so...
  • 최고관리자 11-03 296 댓글 0
  • 36 Safety Management Status among Nurses Handling Anticancer Drugs
  • 일시 2015. 01 학술지 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 16(8) 저자 정경원, 이보영, 권명순,
  • This study identified the actual conditions for safe anticancer drug management among nurses and the relationship between level of awareness and performance of anticancer drug safety regulations in terms of preparation, administration, and disposal.
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  • 35 Effects of Body Image on College Students’ Attitudes Toward Diet/Fitness Apps on Smartphones
  • 일시 2015. 01 학술지 CyberPsychology, Behavior and Social Networking 18(1) 저자 J. H. Cho, Margaret M. Quinlan, D. J. Park, G. Y. Noh
  • Considering the increasing use of diet/fitness apps, this study aimed to investigate how four factors related to body image—evaluations of and orientations toward both appearance and fitness—impact college students’ perception of the usefulness of such apps
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  • 34 사실적 효과음이 게임 사용자들의 감정에 미치는 영향
  • 일시  학술지  저자 
  • This study aimed to examine the effect of acoustic factor recognized as subsidiary means in the game environment
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  • 33 폭력적 게임의 시청행위와 게임행위의 부정적 감정효과에 대한 실험연구
  • 일시 2014. 11 학술지 한국게임학회지 14(6) 저자 윤주성, 방영주, 노기영
  • People generally think that negative effects of violent game contents are more serious in active playing behavior than passive watching video.
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